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Sean Casey

We Need To Talk

Released: October 26, 2018
Produced by i dream of you
Recorded by Matt Alioto
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Gevaza
Assistant Engineer: Ryan Bissinger


An introspective look at relationships, especially the one with yourself. Second guessing, internal conflict, and the juxtaposition of the choices we make and don’t make are all important themes as Sean bears his soul during this five track emotional roller coaster. Listeners hit a peak on track three, “Guilty”, which centers around jealousy and a burdening guilt. At this point in the album, Sean is having second thoughts about the picture-esque relationship he’s in and has doubts about his girlfriend’s loyalty. His paranoia leads him down a dark path of over analyzation. This all builds to the realization that his girlfriend is actually in love with his best friend’s brother. Sean embarks on a battle with reality as he hopes this realization is wrong. Chaotic thoughts swirl as the track comes to a crescendo marking the midpoint of the album and a deep change in the overall tone of the project. The uncertainty resolves as Sean moves into acceptance on the track “Glass House/Last Dance”. With an outro heavily influenced by 80s Synth Pop and the last song at your High School dance, Sean reflects on the journey that brought him to this point and the phrase that started it all, We Need to Talk.