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Fine By Me

Released: August 19, 2020
Produced by Jon Sheckler
Recorded and mixed by Mike Gevaza
Mastered by Dan Millice
Assistant Engineer: Dennis Koerner


Mon’Quez “Q” Pippins is an artist who has performed worldwide for companies such as Disney, Universal, Carnival Cruises, Hardrock Casino, and most recently he was a part of the cast of The Color Purple National Tour. He also recently released a five-song EP entitled Fine By Me.

This EP is a mix of soul, blues and a little bit of funk and rock. The first thing that stood out to me were just the exceptional vocals. Mon’Quez’ voice is as smooth as velvet when it needs to be but also feels energizing and fresh. That being said there are also some other fantastic background vocals.

-Dan Weston, Divide and Conquer Music