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Released: December 20, 2019
Produced by Heroine
Recorded by Mike Gevaza and Phil Duke


Sonically, you are instantly brought into a time warp in the production of “Baptism”, with the sparkling 80’s influence. Lyrically, there is poetry here, shining with lyrics such as “let the storm brew like it’s a Baptism”. The guitar work is amazing and feels like The 1975’s “Love Me” mixed with the iconic 80’s artists such as Cyndie Lauper. The group HEROINE is comprised of two amazing female talents that are on a mission to spread equality and unison – making way for the new world and way of life that we are all hopeful for. The vocal performance is full of soul, passion, and delivery. You can feel the intention in the delivery and I’m sure that the producer of this track was very pleased about capturing these vocal takes. By the end of the song, you feel better than you did before you listened to it. “Baptism” is the sonic boom that could transform the world and create a better space for everyone to live together.