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Now or Never

Released: Jun 29, 2018
Produced by Allen Childs
Recorded by Mike Gevaza and Steve Eigner
Mixed by Mike Gevaza
Assistant Engineer: Dennis Koerner
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian


The time is Now! Founded by guitarist, songwriter, and NYC rock club veteran Allen Childs, Now is a thought-provoking rock trio that blends pure and simple earworm-pop goodness with free-form, extended jams in the style of Led Zeppelin and Phish.

A native Alabamian, Childs moved to New York City to study at Columbia University, where he graduated in 2009 with a degree in philosophy (a clear influence on his songwriting). Next came The Collective School of Music, where he further befriended his fretboard and met mathematician-turned-bassist Anton Serrats and drummer Kaveh Haghtalab, each of whom brings to the project jazz school chops and all the groove audiences can handle.

No subject is off limits in Now’s catalog; inspired by The Beatles’ playfulness and the spiritual bombast of The Who, popular Now tracks explore the definition of masculinity, free will vs. determinism, and menstruation. These unflinching lyrical inquiries combine with powerful improvised crescendos and infectious hooks to form a musical experience that leaves a mark.