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Evan O'Donnell

Concrete Concrete: AIN SVP AVR

Released: February 29, 2016
Produced by Evan O’Donnell
Recorded by Mike and Matt Gevaza
Mixed by Evan O’Donnell

Evan O’Donnell’s album, Concrete Concrete: AIN SVP AVR was recorded in June 2015 at Continental Recording Studios, Long Island City.

Wham! Brand new full length. Tracked this at Continental Recording Studio with my fellow Brooklyn What alumni before leaving the country last summer, one of a slew of new solo records from the group of us, coming over the next year or so. Shadowy, homemade indie rock&roll, the last of it’s kind for a bit, I am now writing heavy metal gamelan in Indonesia…Shout out to Kensington in the winter, this is for you.

– Evan O’Donnell