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American Sufi Project & Pavana Reddy

Your Silence Is A Song

Released: November 14, 2018
Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Phil Duke


Poetry is an integral part of Sufi literature, with poems of Rumi and Hafiz quoted and sung for centuries. ‘Your silence is a Song’ is a contemporary exposition of poetry set to Sufi-inspired music. The four poems in this album have been selected from Ms. Reddy’s first book, Rangoli. Each poem recounts a unique story of personal loss and healing with nature serving as an anchoring theme, both nurturing and creating a path for stitching life together. The accompanying music is inspired by deep Turkish notes lending a soft, drifting quality to the lyrics. Musicians Tomchess and Dan Kurfirst bring their love for the syncretic sounds from different cultures to this album, which was recorded at Continental Recording Studios in Long Island City, New York.